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A few things to put your mind at rest

What foods are good for endo?

My initial response to this would be that it is more about what foods not to eat or avoid, rather than what to eat. Finding out what foods trigger inflammation for you as an individual and cutting them out as well as following an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan.

Saying that, obviously a good balanced diet of lean meats, oily fish, plenty of veg especially greens (full of antioxidants) and fruit is beneficial. Drinking loads of filtered water, avoiding alcohol and caffeine also aids with symptoms, but there is a way of working it around your cycle so that you can enjoy some of these things sometimes, so you don’t have to live like a nun!

How can I manage the pain?

Finding a good balance with the 3-tier approach of the right nutrition plan, exercise plan and stress management plan for your specific needs should help to relieve pain. However, if you still do get the odd flare up breathing techniques, gentle yoga poses, and other holistic methods can be learned in order to relieve pain naturally.

With many of the ladies I have worked with, I have recommended reflexology at least once a month and that has massively helped. (I do recommend seeing a physician also as pain relief medication is often still required).

What should I avoid eating/doing that might aggravate the pain?

Finding out what causes your body to bloat/ become inflamed would be the first thing to consider, as everyone is so different. Doing a food elimination process can find the culprits, then choosing to cut them out of your diet.

Following an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan is also advisable, as with an inflammatory disease such as endo, reducing anything else that causes inflammation can only help.

Avoid doing anything too strenuous or stressful in the week running up to your period including any high intensity workouts and in general try to live as stress free life as possible and be aware of getting enough quality sleep.

Why is the Hormone Harmony Programme 12 weeks long?

With any change in nutrition, exercise etc, the body needs time to adjust. As we are working with cycles here and holistically, the body would need at least 3 cycles to feel any results.

Within 3 cycles however, there should be a difference in pain levels, reduction in bloating, increase in energy and as a by product a change in weight or how the body looks. Read some of the testimonials to see what other ladies have experienced with the programme in just a short space of time.

I’ve never been diagnosed with endometriosis but have many of the symptoms described.  What should I do?

The first post of call is to go see your GP, if they don’t refer you to a gynaecologist, then keep going back and shouting louder until you get that referral. The only way of diagnosing endometriosis is by a laparoscopy so it’s not something they often do lightly or straight away.

The average diagnosis time for a woman is 7 years so if you have any inclination you may have it keep putting your case forward. Once diagnosed decide on whether you want to go down the medical, surgical route or whether you would like to try alternative methods initially.

I’ve suffered with this so long and tried so many things, what makes your plan so different?

This plan does not come with any guarantees, nor does it mean that you are cured, even if it works.  What it does promise however, is that you will see some changes in either pain reduction, stress reduction, energy increase, improved sleep and a less bloated tummy with visible differences to the body.

What I pride myself on is my passion for my work and how I endeavour to get each woman I work with, their desired results. I truly care about making a difference in their lives and helping them get in control of their endo not allowing it to control them. What makes this different is that it’s not a generic plan, it’s tailored to you and your specific requirements. Look at what other women have said in the testimonials, to see how it made a difference for them.

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