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living with endometriosis

Hi! I’m Michelle

Endometriosis Sufferer / Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach

Hello and welcome to Desired Physique, a company that helps ladies, like you with endometriosis, live a happier, healthier life, enabling you to control it, not it control you.

As a sufferer myself, I totally understand the pain, the fatigue, the mental and physical effects it has on the body and the frustrations of not being heard.

Like you I thought there was no where to turn and nothing that could help, even medical intervention, until I started my own research.

As a Level 3 qualified PT and Nutrition Coach, I already had a broad knowledge of the body and what it needs for optimal health, but I really started to delve deeper and decipher what it is ladies with endo need for optimal health.

What I came up with after years of reading and experimenting on myself, is a three-tiered approach which concentrates on nutrition, exercise and stress management. It is centred around working with your cycle, so that you can implement the right nutrition, physical exercise and self-care at optimum times of the month. 

I am very passionate about helping as many ladies as I can to take control of their condition, it’s not because you are suffering now, that you always will. You owe it to yourself to feel fantastic and live your best life, are you willing to do what it takes? Only you can decide.

The 3-Tier Hormone Harmony Approach


An anti-inflammatory plan worked around crucial times in the cycle to eliminate bloating.


An exercise plan that increases or decreases in intensity to coincide with the cycle.

Stress Management

A self care plan to keep you as stress free as possible to keep cortisol levels low.

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Fancy a FREE Taster?
Try the 5-Day ‘Beat the Bloat’ Challenge!

Ladies with endometriosis, have you found it difficult to battle with bloating over the years? Does your tummy always feel enlarged? Would you like to find a solution? If so, this challenge is for you. It will take place each month on Facebook in a private group, alongside other like-minded ladies. You will spend 5 days (Mon-Fri) under my supervision, following a specific nutrition plan, thinking about suitable exercise, looking at stress management and completing simple daily tasks.

BOOK A PLACE now to find out when our next challenge is scheduled and reserve your place.  If you are wondering what the catch is, there isn’t one. I am just passionate about passing on what I do, and helping women around the globe with endometriosis to feel the best they possibly can.

What’s provided?

  • A quick start cheat sheet
  • Daily tasks and accountability
  • A chance to work with me for 5 days
  • A chance to be part of a group of other ladies that share the same condition
  • Techniques that you can use for a lifetime
  • Results that will make you feel less bloated, have more energy and feel fantastic 

“I make it my number one priority to get you your desired results.”

"When I met Michelle, I was feeling the worst I had ever been in terms of my endometriosis symptoms. I felt physically exhausted and controlled by the condition. With Michelle’s knowledge and support, I feel things have really turned around. She put a plan together that is specifically for my requirements working in a totally holistic manner."

Katie – Cheadle, UK

“I had been feeling bloated and uncomfortable for a while before starting to work with Michelle. By following her anti-inflammatory nutrition plan and stripping things I ate right back we quickly found out the food culprit. As a result, I have felt far more comfortable, a lot more energy and much better in myself. I can’t recommend Michelle enough.”

Stephanie – Heaton Moor, UK

"I have been seeing Michelle for the last two years and it was the best decision I have ever made in terms of my health and wellbeing. Michelle not only pushes me, but she has also passed on her wealth of knowledge about women’s health, specifically how to combat bloating, which has been a major issue for me for many years.”

Helena Gatley, UK

“I have just measured myself after the 5-day challenge and I am so happy that I have lost about 7 inches all over. Best of all, I feel great, I don’t feel bloated and I’ve got loads more energy. I used to get a real slump in the afternoon, but no more, that has completely gone. Very, very happy, thank-you so much Michelle."

Anne – Manchester, UK

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